Basic Communication

Communication means “communication”. Since ancient times, people have been sharing information or ideas in different ways. From then onwards, this communication has come in contact or modernization of mobility and dependence. Why did I depend? Because the whole world without communication is inaccessible.

Basically, communication means the process of transferring data from one computer to another computer. Communication has transformed the world into a “Global Village”. For example, you can exchange views from one country to another or from one village to another, or to contact you with your friend.

Electronics Communications:

Communication systems that are developed or created through various electronic media are called electronic communications. For example, the communication or communication system developed through electronic media such as radio, television, film, fax, satellite, telegraph etc. is called electronic communication.

Electronic communication mainly refers to Electronic Information Sending, Receiving, Processing. Electronic Communication started with the Telegraph cable of 1940. In the decade it has improved on the telephone. After the invention of T radio tube, Radio Technology is used in electronic communication. Since then, the social era of Communication started largely. Increasingly, the discovery of triangular, IC, cm conductor device has a great positive effect in communication. The use of satellites has made the people in the hands of the people.

Tele communication:

Telecommunication is the medium that is used to express contact or emotion in remote locations. The meaning of tele here is to communicate the meaning of remote and communication.

Telecommunication is broadly called “tele communication” for communication between remote means of telephone use in different ways.

Data communication:

Data communication between two devices via cable or cable or other wireless device, or data exchange, is called data communication.

Communication Device (which will be transmitted through the data) to be a Data Communication must be part of the communication system, which is a combination of hardware and software.